Welcome to my home page. My name is Roshan Tourani. Currently, I am a physics graduate student at Rutgers University, wondering about theoretical physics among some other things. In this web page, I will try to include, gradually, all the research and teaching related works. 'rown' is my name, pronounced as /roʃæn/, written in some weird alphabet which some of my friends designed back in days for text messaging efficiently.

I invite you to read my blog which I will write about research and education among other things. My goal is to write one post per week. I am still far from that goal.

The license I have chosen for all the educational or research documents and videos, which appear or will appear in this page, is Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA). To do the attribution you only need to mention my name or mention

You can contact me through my physics email address or this webpage email address.